Retreat Fee

The retreat fee is charged on a sliding scale according to company size. Special rates are available.

  • Individuals & companies up to €1 mil in annual revenue pay €1000
  • Companies between €1-50 million in annual revenue pay €1250
  • Companies above €50 million in annual revenue pay €1500

Donations & Special Rates

This is a non-profit event organized by a foundation. If you can, please register at the €1500 level, or contact us to make a tax deductible donation so that together we can support reduced rate participants. 

Reduced-rates will support generational, regional & sector-diversity participation at the retreat.

Contact to make a donation or for information about reduced rates.

Retreat fees cover all expenses, except the hotel accommodation

  • All retreat activities 
  • All visits to sites of special interest in and around Assisi
  • All meals from lunch on Saturday 18th to lunch on Monday 20th
  • All transport
    • Shuttle from the center of Rome in the morning of June 18th (departure time depends on a Vatican meeting with Pope Francis that we are trying to organize and to which you would also be invited)
    • Local transport to retreat activities & sites of interest
    • Shuttle on June 20th after lunch from Assisi back to Rome or its international Fiumicino airport

Welcome Desk

The welcome team will connect with you prior to the event to ensure your needs are met
If you have any questions, please contact us in the meantime at